RKVY Projects
Sl. No Title of the Project Research Station Budget allotted (lakhs)
  New Projects    
1 Production of liquid bio-fertilisers and their supply to the field crops RARS, Tirupati 200.0
2 Establishment of Soil health analysis facility RARS, Tirupati 30.0
3 Farm Machinery hub for Cost reduction and productivity enhancement RARS, Tirupati 75.0
4 Establishment of Seed processing and storage facilities –Seed multiplication form ARS, Nellore 130.0
    Total 435.0
  Ongoing Projects    
5 Mass production of bio control agents RARS, Tirupati 5.0
6 Development and demonstration of Integrated Management of Insecticide resistant larval populations of tobacco caterpillar,Spodoptera liturain Groundnut, RARS, Tirupati 3.0
7 Drought mitigation: Identification of reliable methods to sustain crop growth and yield in groundnut RARS, Tirupati 3.0
8 Mapping and tagging of drought tolerance related traits in the already advanced breeding lines based mapping populations and use of the knowledge for development of future groundnut varieties with progressively improved tolerance to drought. RARS, Tirupati 6.5
9 Characterization and Development of DNA based Screening Techniques for Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV) infecting black gram in Andhra Pradesh. RARS, Tirupati 12.0
10 Mapping stem rot resistance genes in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) with SSR markers. RARS, Tirupati 5.0
11 Micro level crop planning to mitigate climate change effects for southern zone. RARS, Tirupati 4.0
12 Setting up of Pesticide Residue Testing Lab at Institute of Frontier Technology, RARS, Tirupati, Chittoor Dist. RARS, Tirupati 21.0
13 Micropropagation in sugarcane to produce virus free seed materialnbsp; ARS, Perumallapalle 3.0
    Total 62.5
    Grand Total 497.5