Visitors to RARS
DR's Technical Visit to RARS Tirupati on 21st Oct 2016
VC and DR visit to RARS, Tirupati during 16-20th October 2015
Chandranna Rythu yatra Ministers visit to RARS
Visitors to Crop Physiology winter school team
AICRP team visit to RARS
ICAR-DG visit to RARS
RAWEP students visit to RARS tirupati
UMK Delegates visit to RARS tirupati
University Head Agronomy visit to RARS, Tirupati
Visit of BS-MS students of Indian Institute of Science Research and Education (IISRE) to RARS, Tirupati
Visit of Monitoring team AICRP pigeon pea to RARS,Tirupati on 12-12-2015
Visits by RARS Team
Visit of Dr.Solanki to RARS, Tirupati during 17-19th April 2016
Field visit by Dr.G.Krishna Reddy, Principal scientist to Chandranna rythu kshetram at kalathur on 15.12.2015