ARS Perumalapalli - Projects


Sl.No Title of the Project Code No. Theme
1 Maintenance & Characterization of germplasm P1/2015/1-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
2 Seedling nursery P1/2015/2-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
3 Settling nursery P1/2015/3-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
4 Selection nursery P1/2015/4-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
5 Preliminary yield trial P1/2015/5-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
6 Main yield trial (Early) I plant crop P1/2015/6-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
7 Main yield trial (Mid late) I plant crop P1/2015/7-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
8 Initial Varietal trial (Early) P2/2015/1-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
9 Initial Varietal trial (Mid late) P2/2015/2AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
10 Advanced Varietal trial (Early) I plant crop P2/2015/3-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
11 Advanced Varietal trial (Early) II plant crop P2/2015/4-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
12 Advanced Varietal trial (Early) ratoon P2/2015/5-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
13 Advanced Varietal trial (Mid late) I plant crop P2/2015/6-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
14 Breeder seed production P3/2015/1-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement- Plant breeding
15 RKVY project “Development of varieties resistant to yellow leaf disease in sugarcane and suitable control measures P1/2015/1-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement-Biotechnology
16 RKVY project on Micro propogation in sugarcane to produce virus free plants P1/2015/2-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement-Biotechnology
17 State plan project on standardization of production protocol for Somoclonal variation in sugarcane P1/2015/3-AHD-F30/0230 Crop improvement-Biotechnology
1 Collection, evaluation, cataloguing, maintenance and utilization of Finger millet germplasm. P1/08/1-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
2 National elite Germplasm evaluation trial in Finger millet P1/13/2-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
3 Varietal improvement in Finger millet: Creation and study of genetic variability through hybridization and pedigree breeding. (i) Study of cross progenies
(1) Evaluation of F1generation
(2) Evaluation of F2generation
(3) Evaluation of F3generation
(4) Evaluation of F4generation
(5) Evaluation of F5generation
(ii) Fresh crossing programme
P1/09/3-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
4 Station level evaluation trials in Finger millet
Observational yield trial
Preliminary Yield Trial
Advanced varietal trial
Multi location trial
Evaluation of White ragi cultures
P1/87/4-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
5 All India Co-ordinated evaluation trials in Finger millet
a) Initial varietal trial
b) Advanced varietal trial (Short & medium duration)
c) Advanced varietal trial (Long duration)
P1/87/5-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
6 Nucleus / Breeder seed production of released and pre release finger millet varieties P1/12/6-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
7 Collection and maintenance of Little millet germplasm P1/13/7-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
8 Varietal improvement in Little millet P1/12/8-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
9 All India Co-ordinated evaluation trial on Little millet P1/12/9-AHD-F30/0130 Crop improvement
10 Collection, evaluation, cataloguing, maintenance and utilization of Pearl millet germplasm. P1/11/10-AHD-F30/0131 Crop improvement
11 Development of hybrids in Pearl millet P1/12/11-AHD-F30/0131 Crop improvement
12 All India Co-ordinated evaluation trial on Pearl millet (Initial hybrid trial – medium duration) P1/13/12-AHD-F30/0131 Crop improvement
13 Elite inbred joint biofortification trial – Pearl millet P1/13/13-AHD-F30/0131 Crop improvement
14 Evaluation of Sweet sorghum varieties and hybrids
(All India Co-ordinated trial).
P1/09/14-AHD-F30/0170 Crop improvement
1 Evaluation of spacing for different sources of seed material of seed can in sugarcane P1/2013/1-AHD-F25/0230 Crop production
2 Development of Agro-techniques to improve the yield and quality of sugarcane under moisture stress situation (Limited water supply, drought) RKVY P1/2013/1-AHD-F25/0230 Crop production
3 Response of sugarcane (early) varieties to different levels of nitrogen. P1/2008/1-AHD-F25/0230 Fertilizer management
4 Survey on sugarcane cost of cultivation - New experiment P1/2014/1-AHD-F25/0230 Crop Production
5 Observation trial on precision farming in sugarcane under pit method of planting - New experiment P1/2014/2-AHD-F25/0230 Fertilizer management
6 Response of white ragi to varied levels of N, P, K in rabi in sandy loam soil of southern agro-climatic zone of A.P.- New experiment P1/2014/3-AHD-F25/0130 Fertilizer management
7 Creeper weed management in sugarcane plant ratoon cropping system - New experiment P1/2014/4-AHD-H60/0230 Weed management
8 Weed management in finger millet in sandy loam soils of southern agro-climatic zone of A.P.- New experiment P1/2014/5-AHD-H60/0130 Weed management
1 Organic farming in sugarcane P1-2007/2-AHD-F25/0230 Soil quality and sustainable productivity
2 Organic farming in finger millet PI-2013/4-AHD-F20/0332 Soil quality and sustainable productivity
3 Screening of promising sugarcane varieties for salinity tolerance P1-2011/1-AHD-F20/0230 Problem soils and ground water quality
4 Evaluation of sugarcane varieties for tolerance to delayed and post harvest deterioration (Plant crop II) P1-2009/3-AHD-F25/0230 Basic & Applied Research
5 Evaluation of sugarcane varieties for tolerance to delayed and post harvest deterioration (Ratoon) P1-2009/3-AHD-F25/0230 Basic & Applied Research
6 Evaluation of promising sugarcane varieties for yield and quality of jaggery P1-2007/1-AHD-F25/0230 Basic & Applied Research
7 Study on micronutrient status in sugarcane growing areas in Chittoor District P1-2013/1-AHD-F25/0230 Basic & Applied Research
8 Response of promising sugarcane early varieties to different nitrogen levels P1-2008/1-AHD-F25/0230 Soil testing, fertilizer management & minimizing the cost
9 Effe3ct of boron on yield and quality of finger millet (Observation trial) - New experiment PI-2014/1-AHD-F20/0332 Soil testing, fertilizer management & minimizing the cost
10 Differential uptake of nutrients by sugarcane germplasm - New experiment P1-2014/2-AHD-F25/0230 Basic & Applied Research
1 a) Screening of finger millet varieties in MLT for blast resistance ( K&R)
b) Screening of finger millet varieties in PYT for blast resistance ( K&R)
c) Screening of finger millet germplasm for blast resistance (R)
P1/2011/1-AHD-H20/0130 Disease resistance
2 Efficacy of fungicides in controlling blast disease of finger millet ( K&R) P1/2011/2-AHD-H20/0130 Fungicides and disease management
3 Screening of sugarcane genotypes for red rot resistance. P1/1998/3-AHD-H20/0230 Disease resistance
4 Screening of sugarcane genotypes for resistance to smut. P1/2004/4-AHD-H20/0230 Disease resistance
5 RKVY PROJECT-“Development of varieties tolerant / resistant to yellow leaf disease of sugarcane and suitable control measures. P1/2012/5-AHD-F30/0230 Disease resistance Biotechnology
6 Studies on efficacy of bio control agents isolated against red rot pathogen and their mode of action. P1/2012/6-AHD-H20/0230 Biological control and PGPR
7 Survey on Preventive or Controlling measures of the ground nut diseases in Chittoor District F11 – 2013/4- AHD/E –10/00 11 Cross sectional survey
Paid Up Trails
        • Response of sugarcane to water soluble fertilizers through fertigation technique – NFC
        • Evaluation of customized fertilizers in sugarcane –NFCL
        • Comparative performance of granular urea Vsprilled urea in sugarcane –IFFCO
        • Bio efficacy studies on prathista organic fertilizers through fertigation in sugarcane –
  • Evaluation of private hybrid trial on Rabi Sorghum


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