ARS Perumalapalli - Technologies
  • Development of high yielding and sugar rich varieties with resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses for sugar and jaggery production suitable for southern zone.
  • Development of high yielding disease resistant finger millet genotypes suitable for southern zone.
  • Verification centre for Pearl millet and Sweet Sorghum.
The area to which the research station serves:
Agricultural Research Station, Perumallapalle is catering the needs of the farmers of Nellore, Chittoor and Kadapa districts of Southern zone of A. P.
Technologies developed:
Variety released so far:
  • CoT8201 (Co740xCo 775) was released during the year 1982 as Rayalaseematholicherukubidda.
  • Maturity group : Mid late
  • Cane yield (t/ha) : 110-120
  • Juice Sucrose (%) : 17-18
  • Suitability : Resistant to drought, water logging, salinity and redrot
Varieties in pipe line :

Early : 2003T121 (Coc 671 x CoT 8201)
2003 T129 (Coc 671 x CoT 8201)
2005T16 (CoH110 GC)
2006T 3 (CoSc 95423 GC)
2006T 36 (CoT 8201 GC)
Mid late :
2004T68 ( Co 8353xCo87270)
2005 T50 ( 87A298 GC)
2005 T 52 (87A298 GC)
2006T 13 (Co85002 GC)


Planting time:December , January planting time was found to be good for early varieties and February plantings were found to be good for mid late varieties and March plantings were found to be good for late varieties.
Seed Material: Higher cane yield was obtained by using three budded setts as planting material.
Intercropping:Sugarcane inter cropped with green gram, cowpea, cluster bean were found to be remunerative with high net
Spacing: Inter row spacing of 80 cm for early varieties and 90 cm for mid late varieties was found to be optimum.
Weed management : Atrazine @ 2 kg a.i./ ha was found to be good as per emergence herbicide. Metribuzine @ 1.25 kg/ha +
2,4-D Sodium salt @ 5 kg/ha was found to be good for control of creeper weeds in sugarcane.
Planting methods:Paired row planting (60cm /120 cm ) was better than normal, wide row
plantings and pit method of planting.
Drought mitigation: Trash mulching @ 3 t/ha and irrigation at alternate furrows mitigate drought effectively.
Drip irrigation: Surface drip was superior over furrow method. Water saving was 29.5% and increased yield was 33.7%.
Fertigation:Fertigation through drip has given high cane yield and increased fertilizer use efficiency.
Nitrogen :Application of 224 N/ha in equal two splits, at 45 DAP and 90 DAP has recorded higher cane yield.
Sulphur: Application of sulphur 80 kg/ha in the form of gypsum (500 kg/ha) enhanced cane yield and improved quality of jaggery.
Integrated nutrient management: Application of 50% recommended dose of fertilizers + press mud cake (12.5 t/ha) / farm yard manure (25 t/ha) + Azospirillum @ 10 kg /ha phosphorus solubilising bacteria (PSB) @ 10 kg/ha was found beneficial.
Fertilizer use efficiency: 2003 V 46 is identified as high fertilizer use efficient variety and can be recommended to marginal soils.
Micro nutrient importance: Higher cane yield was recorded with foliar spray of FeSo4 @ 5%.
Post harvest deterioration: Among varieties 2003T121, 2005T16, 2006 T 13, 2006 T 34, 2003V46, Co 86032, 87A298, 93A145, 97A85, 98A168, 2001A63 retain juice quality for longer period both in field as well as after harvest while CoT8201, 85A261, 93V297 and 83R23 possesses short shelf life after harvest.
Organic farming: Application of recommended inorganic fertilizers recorded highest cane yield as compared to organic manures application. The organic treated plot showed higher available P and organic carbon.
Jaggery: CoT8201, 2003T121, 2005T16, 2005T50, 84A125, 85A261, 87A298, 93A145, 97A85, 98A168, CoA7602, 83V15, 2003V46, 83R23, Co6907, Co7219, and Co7706 recorded high jaggery yield with low colour intensity and high nutritional value.
Sett treatment: Malathion (3ml/l) + Bavistin (0.5 g/l) controlled early pest incidence and sett borne diseases. Dipping in Tilt
(1 ml/l) for 15 min. controlled smut.
Red rot: CoT8201, 2003T121, 2005T16, 93 A145, 2003 V 46, 2002V 48, 97R272, 83V15, 86V96, 99V30 85A261, 87A298, 97A85, CoA7602, 83R23, 83V15, 91V83, 99V30, 2003V46, CoR8001, Co6907, Co7508, Co7706, and Co 7219.
Whip Smut: 97A85, Co7706, 93 A145, 86V96, 2003 V46 81A99, 90A272, 90A278, 93A11, 99V30 and Co8011 and 2002 V 48 were identified as tolerant clones to Whip smut.
Bud chip method: Paired row method of planting (60/120x 60cm) was found to be superior for raising of bud chip seedlings. Yield and yield attributes were not significantly influenced by the age of the seedlings and nutrient levels.
Crop sequence in Sugarcane: Rice-Sugarcane, Tomato-Sugarcane and Maize-Sugarcane are remunerative for Ralayaseema region.
Millets :
S. No Variety Pedigree Year of release Duration Yield (t/ha) Salient features
1 Kalyani Selection from Naidupet local (CR 562) 1971 100-105 25-30 Good tillering, suitable for Chittoor, Anantapur and Nellore districts.
2 Padmavathi
PPR 2350
Selection from Tirupati local 1993 100-105 28-40 Suitable for all ragi areas in the state
3 Saptagiri
(PPR 2614)
MR-1 X Kalyani 1995 100-105 25-40 Suitable for early planting situation; tolerant to water logging as well as drought situations.
4 Vakula PPR2700 KM 55 x U22/B 2012 95-100 35-40 High yielding ragi varieties with tolerant to leaf blast and drought. Panicles compact and fingers incurved.
Varieties in minikit testing :
  • PPR2885 (PPR 2708 x DPI2071): This entry was found promising in Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh states. Medium duration variety with sturdy culm having semi compact ear heads and tolerant to blast.
  • PPR 1012 (AE3077 x Ratnagiri): Long duration (123 days) High yielding variety with long incurved ear heads resistant to all the three types of blast diseases.
Pearl Millet (Bajra)
  • Balaji composite was developed and released from this station.
  • Fortification in finger millet:Application of 100%RDN and ZNSO4 @ 50kg ha-1 as basal recorded highest grain yield in finger millet.

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