ARS Podalakur - Varieties


Developed one variety in jowar and two varieties in blackgram
PJ-890 , a dual purpose, high yielding, tan grain type jowar variety suitable for rabi, developed at ARS, Podalakur was released as Podalakur Jonna during the year 1993.



Beside release of one variety we have also identified the varieties viz ., D-340, 168 and hybrids viz., CSH-6, and CSH-9 which are suitable for the tract and recommended for the cultivation.


Podalakur minumu (PBG-1) a selection from pottempadu local developed at ARS, Podalakur was released during the year 2002. It is a photo- insensitive, high yielding black gram variety possessing dull grain type.



Penusila (PBG-107) a cross derivative from a photosensitive, high yielding dull grain black gram variety suitable for rabi was developed and released during the year 2002.



PBG-32, high yielding, shiny seed, YMV tolerant black gram culture completed minikit testing and ready for release.


Apart from above varieties, Krishnaiah (LBG 17), Teja LBG 20), Prabhava (LBG 402), LBG 17, LBG-611, LBG 623, LBG 709, LBG 648, LBG 752 and LBG 685 were identified in Black gram as suitable varieties to this zone and recommended for cultivation.


In Greengram, the varieties viz ., ML 267, LGG 410, LGG 460, TM 96-2 and LGG 450 were identified as suitable varieties for Rabi and were recommended for cultivation in the zone. But for summer and Khariff LGG 407, LGG 410 and LGG 460 were identified as most suitable varieties and recommended for cultivation.


In Redgram the varieties viz ., Palnadu (LRG 30), ICPL 85063, Abhaya (ICPL 332), MRG 66, LRG 41 and TRG 22 were identified as suitable for cultivation in the zone. The variety, Palnadu was found to be highly suitable for both Kharif and Rabi seasons whereas others were found to be suitable for rabi cultivation.
Among other crops viz ., Soybean (MACS-210 & Hardee), Sesamum (Gowri, Madhavi, Rajeswari, YLM 66 and YLM-17) Mustard (Kranthi, Bhavani and PT 303), Safflower (Manjeera), Cowpea (C 152) and Coriander (CS 6) were identified as suitable and recommended for cultivation in the zone.


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